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The Stone from Heaven

Did you know the word 'Lapis' is the Latin word for stone, with Lazuli descending through many languages from the ancient Sanskrit word for 'Sky' or 'Heaven'? It has maintained a constant role in biblical history; during the Renaissance it was crushed down into the colour Ultramarine and often reserved for depicting the robes of Angels. The pigment was the most expensive available, with gold coming in second.

Lapis Lazuli calls to us of wisdom, intuition, and truth. If you struggle with indecision or choice paralysis this stone may call to you. It may assist in opening your third eye chakra and deepening your connection to your own depths. It bears the centre of intuition and inner knowledge.

Not just a stone of introspection, Lapis can help you find the moment to take step up, take charge and become your most authentic self.

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With love, Jem


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