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Rose Quartz- the Emotional Gift we can Give Ourselves

This time of year is one often associated with love. Do we have it? Do we need it? Rose quartz is known widely as a stone that can help to promote feelings of self-love. It is only when we can recognize and experience true love within ourselves that we are able to genuinely share that feeling with the people, creatures and experiences around us.

If you are after a night of self care, rose quartz can be beneficial for your skin as well. If you take the time to soak your stone in water overnight to charge the energies, the water may then be used as a gentle elixir for sensitive skin and to obtain a clearer, more vibrant visage.

The completion of your self-care ritual may involve meditation. This can be done at any point, before, after or during the other phases. Many people hole the crystal in their hand or lay it on their chest to meditate and focus on the healing and loving energy of the crystal. Whilst the general energy of the crystal in love, that love may be directed inward or outward. It can help you heal the wounds of love lost or a rough patch in a relationship, can help you to find compassion towards a loved one and to elevate the feelings of peace and calm within yourself.

If you feel so guided, we have rose quartz available in our store as well as various crystal holders. With love, we are offering 15% off all store products, valid until a new special is released. Please use the code WITHLOVE at checkout to get this special offer.


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