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Healings and Readings

With the help of my Angels and yours.

Image by Kayla Maurais

Tarot Card, Angel and Aura Readings, Mediumship Readings.

Psychic, Intuitive Readings

We can explore your life questions together through psychic insight, intuition, the angels, connecting to spirit and tarot card readings.

45 minute and one hour sessions are available via Skype, Zoom, phone or in person.

Energy Healing

Reiki Healing

Non-invasive energy Healing

Reiki is an Ancient energetic healing modality, which a person connects with universal energy and transmits this energy through their heart to their hands to promote non-invasive healing. This one hour session is available in person.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon


Spiritual energy through the higher heart

Seichim is the mother energy of hands-on healing. It is different to reiki, Seichim carries the divine feminine aspects and frequency to this healing modality. Allowing the energy to simultaneously work on the levels of the physical, emotional, and spiritual plane at the same time. This one-hour session is available in person.

Angel Intuitive Healing

With the assistance of powerful angels

In These readings we invite the angels in and explore what messages they have in store for you. If needed, angel essences are available. This one-hour session is available via Zoom, Skype or in person. Essences will be posted separately.

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Image by William Farlow

3 x 1 hour session Healing Package

choose three of the same or alternate

We invite you to continue your healing journey with a package of three sessions. These can include Angel healing, Reiki, Seichim, Flower, Crystal Healing or sound healing however please note flower, sound and crystal healings may only take place in person at my location in Northmead, NSW 2152.  Only first session and choice of healing modality need to be chosen for the first session.

Angel Intuitive Healing

With the assistance of powerful angels

In These readings we invite the angels in and explore

what messages they have instore for you. If needed, angel essences are available.This one hour session is available via Zoom, Skype or in person.

Flower Therapy Healing

Using flowers to scan and heal

Flower therapy healing, this healing uses flowers to scan and feel into the aura, if needed the flower or flower card is placed on the body where the body receives the healing energy of the flower. You also receive a flower reading. This one hour session is in-person only.

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Crystal Therapy Healing

Using crystals to scan and heal

Crystals are used to expertly tap into your natural healing. They are placed on the body and used with energetic healing Reiki or Seichim depending on what I am guided to do. This one hour healing session is performed in person only in Northmead, NSW 2152.

Color Coaching

Working with colour to achieve your goals.

There are 3 main areas we can categorise our life into love/relationships, career/ wealth, and spirituality. Join me if you feel guided and I can be your cosmic sherpa to help you navigate through these areas of your life using the colour coaching system. Initial booking is in a set of 3 classes to maximise the coaching experience. Book the first lesson today and we will arrange the following sessions when we speak.

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Reiki Therapy

Intuitive Energetics Session

Intuitive energetics session is a process where we look at parts of your life that you are feeling stuck or blocked and we walk through a process together to release and heal the blocks around the situation. In person or via zoom/skype.

SoulNar Sound Healing and Energy Therapy.

Each sound healing, we work on clearing the energetic and emotional field with a combination of sound healing, chakra breathwork and hands on energy healing. This helps to release past traumas that have been held in the body’s energetic memory field. SoulNar helps to gently shift you energetically, so you leave feeling uplifted, renewed, and relaxed.

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